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Start a Code the Change Chapter at Your School!

Computer science students across the nation are interested in volunteering their time for nonprofits, and nonprofit organizations across the nation need help. At Code the Change, we believe in connecting these groups regardless of where they are, and we can only do that by spreading our presence to new schools. The main activity that each chapter will do is put on Code the Change Code Jams, events where computer scientists program for nonprofits over the course of a day.

If you're interested in this, please contact, and we will give you all of the help you need in order to start a chapter at your school.

Starting a Code the Change chapter is a great leadership opportunity! Because Code the Change provides computer science assistance to nonprofit and other social sector organizations, you will become well known among nonprofits and your local government, and you will also have an automatic ice breaker if you ever want to talk to one of these organizations about a job or internship. Similarly, because Code the Change works with sponsors at high tech corporations, you can develop a relationship with the recruiters at most major high tech companies. Because Code the Change's Code Jams fill such a compelling need, students and professors alike will congratulate you after every event, making you a celebrity on your campus. Also, all of those relationships and the coordination necessary to put on Code Jams will look good on your resume regardless of where you're applying.

For Nonprofit Leaders
If you represent a nonprofit organization that needs computer science help, starting a Code the Change chapter can get you the help you need. Your organization can be one of the beneficiary projects at the Code Jams that you put on. Because there are often enough computer scientists for several projects, you will also get the chance to bring in other organizations doing similar work (or other nonprofits doing completely different work) and network with leaders from those organizations. Programmers often continue to work with beneficiary nonprofits after the end of a Code Jam, so it is also a great opportunity to bring volunteers, interns, or full time employees onto your team in the long term.

No programming is necessary. You will be putting on events for computer scientists, but we can help you with your messaging as you reach out to those communities. Your primary role will be planning events, so any background is acceptable.

For Computer Science Students
If you're a computer scientist interested in making the world a better place, leading a Code the Change chapter is a great way to learn about the connection between computer science and social change. Your role will give you the opportunity to talk with your favorite nonprofits and ask about programming for them. Since you will become a leader in the space of computer science and social change, nonprofits will also begin seeking you out, which will give you many relationships, and you will get the chance to work with other students and professionals on projects. By helping others work through questions about CS and social change, you will learn about the best ways to use your skills to make an impact.

Another great thing about putting on a Code Jams through Code the Change is that they're learning experiences. Many computer science curricula underemphasize web and app programming even though those skills are in high demand from startups and from students. Programming at a Code Jam is a safe and fun learning environment for these skills.

Since your chapter will be representing Code the Change, you have to agree to uphold Code the Change's values, to pursue Code the Change's mission, and commit to putting on at least one event or spearheading at least one activity that brings together computer science and social change. We will give you all the help that you need for that event and going forward. To put on this event, you will need to reserve a space, get food and snacks, recruit computer scientists, and bring nonprofits. You can find a more detailed timeline at Also, please contact Sam to get an account to manage your chapters webpage on the Code the Change site.

If you are operating a Code the Change chapter and are advertising a Code the Change event, you can use our logo. You can download SVGs and PNGs of our logo here.