Code the Change Chats

To help form a community around computer science and social change, Code the Change has a discussion group. Every Thursday at 8pm, we will get together to talk about issues in computer science and social change. Make sure that you're on our events email list to get announcements about each meeting -- delicious snacks will be provided!

Code the Change Speaker Series

To help people learn about the different opportunities and cool organizations in computer science and social change, Code the Change is putting on a speaker series. Each speaker will be announced on our events email list.

Code the Change Class

Code the Change is planning a project-based class where students would learn basic web development skills and then apply those skills to help nonprofit partners. Keep an eye out for it if you're interested!

Also, if you're taking a project based CS class and want to tackle a project with real world implications, send us an email!  We have plenty of partners who would love to get help from a class project.

Code Jams

A code jam is an event where computer science students get together to program for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.  Code the Change has put on code jams since 2009.  If you're intetrested in hearing about some of the past events, you can check out the projects that we have worked on.  When we're planning an event, we'll announce it on our events email list.

In addition to planning our own events, we are always happy to help organizations in the social sector plan their own!  Just send us an email if you're interested in planning a code jam and need help.


Code the Change was started out of Stanford, but with chapters from Berkeley to the UK, we're always interested in growing!  If you are at a school and are interested in bringing Code the Change to your campus, send us an email, and we'll give you all the help you need.

Job and Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up for our Jobs email list if you're interested in hearing about opportunities to use skills for organizations in need.

If you want to get involved with CS and social change on a longer term basis (volunteering, an internship, a job, or working with Code the Change), email sam@codethechange.org, and Sam will provide personal career counseling.

Nonprofit Organizations and Social Enterprises

If you have an organization that needs help or if you have a project, check out our organization page. In particular, sign up for our organizations email list