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Social Change  The reason for all of this is that computer scientists have valuable skills to contribute to social change. All of our operations are geared towards creating an impact. The impact is second to nothing. The impact should be measurable and measured.

Relationship to the World  All people deserve dignity. Period. We have strong obligations to protect that dignity, and we should think carefully about the technologies we create.

It's Not Either/Or, It's Both/And  There isn't a silver bullet that will save the world or one part social change that is more important than all of the others. It is necessary to experiment with many ideas for social change and to be inclusive. Also, we are not that silver bullet. We strive to partner with and support organizations and people interested in similar causes.

Move Fast, Think Big  We can help every social change movement in the world. If we aren't moving fast, we're not having as big an impact as the world needs.

Flat Hierarchies  Hierarchies can be useful for interacting with other organizations, moving quickly, and making decisions, but they shouldn't interfere with creativity.

Service for All  Getting a person engaged in service is more important than one act of service. An engaged person will stay engaged with service in the future.

People First  Be nice to people. Treat each other with respect. Create sustained relationships based on trust.

Fun  Working for social change is not sustainable or scalable if the people involved do not enjoy their work. That goes for everyone.